Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Prima Taste Mee Siam

I finally made mee siam using the Prima Taste package after the raves from the girls. It was fairly easy as almost everything is provided in the box. I only need to buy bee hoon (rice vermicelli), extra lime (after hearing Sherie's comment), eggs, bean sprouts and prawns and spring onions. I didn't find any taupok (fried beancurd cubes) over here in Toronto.
I used extra fine bee hoon which was quite a mistake as they tend to break easily. The mix is for 2-3 persons and I thought there will not be enough gravy so I actually added more water than stated, so there was actually leftovers (gravy and bee hoon - I used 11/2 sticks). I was thinking the leftover bee hoon and gravy can be used to make fried mee siam bee hoon instead.
PY liked it, not too spicy but just enough. I quite like it. It does have the nutty, shrimp paste flavor and spicyness. We didn't even add more sambal to it though I tried a little. It was good.
Definitely something to store in the kitchen for emergency meals.

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