Thursday, October 18, 2007

Travel Journal: 28 - 30 September 2007

Ok, I have not really been updating my travel and what I have been doing. Playing catch-up now. So many things have happened and I was not in the best frame of mind to blog about it then. I am much better, thank you to all my "angels" for helping me get through my difficult period.

28 September 2007 (Friday)
I arrived in Toronto around 645am (345am Vancouver time), so I was still pretty groggy and tired and under the weather. Then I had to wait for about an hour or so before my ride came. Maybe that was not the best way to start the day.

It took about an hour to get to the house and pretty much rested for the entire morning after I unpacked and unloaded all the food items. I think I could have slept even more and I kinda panicked when I realized it was already close to 1pm when I woke up. I didn't expect to nap for so long. I mean, it is not nice to sleep for so long when I just arrived. I had thought to just rest for an hour or so.

I showered and that took another 30mins for me to get ready before we went out for some food. I opted for Vietnamese beef noodles as my throat was not feeling too good. It was somewhere nearby, no idea where. The beef noodles was not that fantastic, and the iced milk tea was not that great too. We didn't really talk much as I was still not totally well.

Went to Wal-Mart after that to get some shampoo/conditioner etc. PY drove past the Markham Festival site for me, but I didn't realize it was a detour on purpose so that I could check it out. He asked if I would want to go there but I said to go the next day as the fireworks was on then. Rested more at the house and we went to Baton Rouge with WC and S for a late dinner and movie. We watched The Kingdom in North York. Show was ok, a bit too violent but makes you think about what is happening in the Middle East now.

29 September 2007 (Saturday)
We took it easy and didn't really do much during the day. Instead it was spent on planning for the NYC trip. Finally we decided on the route and the hotels were booked. PY made the omelette for brunch and I showed him how to have kaya toast.

We went to the library in the late afternoon, I didn't get to borrow any books as there were not much chick-lit available plus we only had about 20mins before it closed for the day. It was so crowded, I guess there were not much things to do on a weekend.

Then we went to the Markham Festival. That was fun. It was held at a huge open field. Very orderly with traffic wardens directing the cars and where to park. It was about a 10 mins walk to the festival gate. The Markham Festival is an annual event and is such a storybook setting.

Farm animals - ducks, chickens, pigs, horses, rabbits, cows etc were there on display. There were also shows highlighting the strength of horses at the "Horse-Pull" where the horses actually pulled slabs of concrete. There was a merry-go-round with actual ponies going around. That was cool but also a bit "cruel"?

There were tents with stalls selling their wares and food like nuts, home-made jams, chutneys. I was so tempted to try the caramel apple but I didn't. Dinner was a simple affair. PY had a hotdog while I had a burger. Then he bought fries which I had some.

There was also another tent showing the home economics stuff done by students and the ribbons they won. So we saw quilts, baked goods and photography etc. There were even prizes for the pumpkins, tomatoes, and whatever was grown.

Off one side there was the amusement park. We didn't try any of the rides or the games. Felt a bit too old for that now. But it was nice, just walking around and seeing other people playing. We ended the evening watching the Extreme Motorcycle stunts. Daredevils stunts - simply amazing! That was followed by the fireworks. So pretty. The difference is that the cars driving passed continued driving, unlike in Singapore where motorists would have stopped and just watched.

30 September 2007 (Sunday)
We watched We Will Rock You in downtown. It was so hard to get a parking lot and we lost our way as I navigated and couldn't find the slip-off road. But we managed to get back on track. In the end, we parked right outside the theater and the parking lot was C$20 because it was event parking! I think parking in Toronto generally is expensive.

We had a quick lunch at Popeyes but the staff was probably overwhelmed by the orders as it took them some time to serve. Turned out most of the patrons were also going to watch the musical. My order was wrong but I told PY it was ok, not a big deal.

We Will Rock You was great! Really funny and fantastic! Love the songs. I thought we would just walk around downtown but PY seemed to want to get back so we drove back. We stopped by the supermarket so that I could pick up some stuff to make the veggie soup, chicken rice and chicken curry.

So I made the chicken curry. He helped to make the chicken rice as he knew how to work his rice cooker better. That was nice. After dinner, PY said he didn't think we should go to NYC. So that plan was scrapped. But I did go with him to watch him and his brother play hockey. The team lost (as usual) - it was nice watching hockey though I had no idea who was who since there was no proper team jersey yet.

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